Life, work, health balance.

Improve your mood, physical health and fitness, even after inactivity, being a workaholic, having a family, breast cancer, LIFE’S setbacks, illness…or….

My signature online course The Best You, was created to help you rebalance your life, work and health.  

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 Want to improve your MENTAL and PHYSICAL health and fitness level, even after inactivity, cancer, breast cancer, LIFE’S setbacks, illness, kids, injury, disease, cancer or DCIS?

Thought you would be farther ahead or things would be different at this point in your life? More balanced, less stressed, happier, thinner, healthier….?

It’s time to focus on you!   

Would you like:

  • a more positive mental attitude and mood,
  • to kick FEAR’s butt,
  • better eating that will allow you to lose weight without dieting,
  • effective exercises that will give you increased energy,
  • quality sleep so you wake up rested,
  • ways to decrease your stress,
  • proven techniques to improve your overall health and immune system? 

If so, The Best You online course is your answer and it starts NOW!  

The Best You online course will also help you:

  • integrate movement,
  • find work, health, life balance
  • have a better mood,
  • exercise
  • build healthy eating into your life as a lifestyle.
  • get you results without a DIET.

What if you don’t do anything?  Will you be ok continuing to gain weight, feel stressed, tired and unfocused?  Are you ok with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer?

Health is wealth.  If you lose yours, nothing will be more important than getting it back!  After experiencing cancer, I can tell you this is true.


Ready to give yourself the gift of 10 to 60 minutes a week to FOCUS on FEELING MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY GREAT! Rebalancing your health, life, work, family obligations….


Improve mental physical health, especially after breast cancer, LIFE’S setbacks, or illness! 

“Just a quick note to let you know how impressed I am.  Your messages are consistent and interesting. “


The Best You

Improve mental physical health in The Best You online course.

After raising 2 children, having multiple stressful, intense careers, recovering from breast cancer and getting into the best health and fitness level of my life at 51, the number one question I get is

“Andrea, how did you do it?”  

So, I created this online course to teach you what I did/do and how YOU can easily get fit (without a diet), sexy, and mentally and physically healthier,  even after life’s setbacks or health challenges.

My passion is helping you improve your health, fitness and happiness. Especially if you have had life challenges.


The students in the current The Best You online course are loving it.  They are finding the course very useful and time efficient.  Aren’t you worth 10 to 60 minutes a week to be “The Best You”? 

You can start The Best You online course IMMEDIATELY!  

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Celebrating 50

Join The Best You online course and in 6 weeks you will REFOCUS and reclaim YOU!  

You’ll lose weight without dieting or counting calories, fit into your favorite jeans better, feel more focused, calmer, less stressed, improve your mood, feel sexier, have more energy, sleep better, increase your confidence and improve your health and fitness level.  Ready to rock this?

You can improve with age!  

All this adds up to The Best You!  What does that look like for you?


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51 years young, Healthy Lifestyle & Business Consultant, Entrepeneur, Attorney, 

9 year Breast Cancer Thriver & Survivor, Sports Nutritionist Student